Delivery Manager

Ho Chi Minh city 18 February 2019

The role serves as the champion of production (80%) and implementation of PMO defined production system (20%) in the Delivery, defined as a group of projects and programs that form up from 50 to 100 production head counts.


Production Management:

  • Be responsible for all production aspects including Productivity, Quality, and Profitability (directly by managing Program Managers and Project Managers and indirectly through all production resources in relevant projects under the Delivery).
  • Be responsible for the establishment and launching of new projects assigned to the Delivery
  • Supervise and support the prospect proposals which are assigned to the Delivery
  • Be responsible of hands on participation (troubleshooting / performance improvements ...), both internally to any level of production resources & higher management and externally to account & sales management and clients, to projects which are in critical situations and get beyond the capability and authority of assigned Program Managers and Project Managers

Functional Operation Implementation Management:

  • Manage all allocated Program Managers and Project Managers assigned to project under the Delivery
  • Work with PMO Director to establish the PMO functional operation system including process, competency, KPIs, reporting, training & coaching, recruitment, evaluation, and other functional activities along with the company strategy and then manage the implementation of those within the Delivery
  • Coordinate Resource Manager on resource management relevant to the Delivery to ensure the company production resources are allocated and planned effectively for projects
  • Coordinate with other functional heads upon establishment and implementation of the production operation system appropriately into Delivery.



  • Nationality: Vietnamese
  • Education: Bachelor (IT related discipline)
  • Language: Excellent at all skills of English (French or other language is a plus)


Experience Required:

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the software/web-based development industry
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in project management in software/web-based development industry
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience at the champion role in program/production management, equivalent experience in software/web-based/digital development industry with a background in either Agile and/or PMP
  • Strong knowledge on web/online development; contemporary web systems; sites and concepts such as social networks, social community, online marketing, e-commerce, CRM, SaaS, Cloud, mobile, ...
  • Broad knowledge (at overview level) of most major web development technologies such as Microsoft .NET, JAVA, PHP, and Mobile / Front End
  • Strong in technical production management, decision making, organization, leadership, coaching, and training skills
  • Strong in problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation and customer management skills
  • Characteristics: good leadership, goal-oriented, attentive, supportive, decisive, proactive, rational, business-minded, and hardworking


Skill Required:
a. Hard Skills

  • Production management including delivery management, project management, and program management
  • Process implementation management
  • Training & Coaching


b. Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Negotiation & Communication
  • Team Building
  • Business Mindset
  • People Management
  • Disaster & Critical Path Management

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