DevOps Lead

Ho Chi Minh city 27 February 2018

At PYCO, our DevOps lead is responsible for defining tools and processes to enable technical teams to develop, build, test and deploy highly reliable and scalable solutions effectively through his/her solid understanding of DevOps principles, including source control, automation, monitoring and measurement. Like everyone at PYCO, our DevOps lead must also be a team player, applying DevOps practices and spreading his/her knowledge across the team.


  • Define/Implement tools and processes to standardize and automate the way projects develop, build, test and deploy their software.

  • Ensure a homogenous way of implementing continuous integration and/or continuous delivery across projects.

  • Be responsible for monitoring and reporting to management the status of applying and implementing DevOpsprocesses across projects.

  • Together with IT, operations and architecture teams, participate in the design and be responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and managing all environments across teams.

  • Working closely with IT and architecture teams to effectively deliver the required infrastructure to development teams for daily and also outstanding needs, e.g. performance or penetration tests.

  • Oversees and develops the various cloud platform environments and aligning them with business strategies and requirements.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT or related fields.

  • 3 to 5 years of experience in software development or software deployment or IT operations.

  • Practical experience with automation of system provisioning and deployment.

  • Practical experience in monitoring systems (log management, network security monitoring, health and alerting).

  • Deeply hands-on with complex DevOps pipeline including different technology stacks like Java, .NET, Node, Serverless, front-end (Angular, React ...).

  • Excellent scripting skills (i.e. Linux shell scripting, Powershell, Python, Perl) for automation.

  • Experience with configuration management automation tools: Puppet, Rundeck, CheckMK, Ansible.

  • Hands-on with system operation and DevOps on AWS, Azure or the likes (GCP, AliCloud …).

  • Hands-on with CI/CD-as-a-service as CircleCI, TravisCI …

  • Hands-on with CI/CD and managing Kubernetes cluster.

  • Solid knowledge of Linux and/or Windows.

  • Good technical documentation and diagramming skills.

  • Good English communication skills (both written and speaking).

  • Strong work ethic, self-motivation, dedication, and commitment.

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